lanyardsKillington Chamber have played a major part in the Lanyard industry over the last 19 years. Working with a number of different companies to help them develop there product further by looking at ways they can be more user friendly or look at ways to improve there service of how they take an order and then process it through to full development and sent to the customer.

Killington Chamber came about after one of our founders James KillingtonĀ left his role as a business development at a international business. He had a personal goal that he wanted to grow his own company a company that could make a direct impact on a industry. He had a background in the identification and security industry and had a clear vision of new design ideas that could really help the lanyard industry.

James founded Killington Chamber in 1996 and started in the United Kingdom. He worked closely with a few companies and helped form a type of clip that is used on high security lanyards. This helped him gain a fine knowledge of the lanyard industry. Killington then grew to a consultants company for lanyards. Large shopping franchises and companies would approach Killington Chambers for advise on which suppliers to use especially as they where processing large orders.

Killington Chamber would then go and find the most suitable supplier. They quickly found out that Lesar are a worldwide famous distributor of lanyards. Both in terms of service and in the production of the lanyards themselves. This lead to Killington Chambers working closely with them to help them develop a range of different lanyards including personalised lanyards, plain lanyards and special lanyards with clips that are bespoke to a certain industries needs.

Even to this day Killington Chamber would highly recommend Lesar for your lanyards. We still consider Lesar as a leading supplier of Lanyards through out the world and in particular in the US and UK. They are one of the biggest suppliers of Lanyards in England, Wales and Scotland. Even though they sell so many lanyards they have the least amount of orders that go wrong. There customer service and product knowledge has led them to really be able to create a service that is hard to compete with.